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Footvolley is a fantastic sport which was created in 1960′s in Brazil. This sport is very technical and highly addictive. It is a great tool for soccer players to learn the basics of ball control and ball mastery by playing this sport.
Footvolley Association of India (FAI) is governing body of Footvolley Sport in India. India is home of sports. As all Indian people first love is football. India had natural set up for this game. Footvolley is a spectacular Sport with enormous technical requirements and astonishing growing potential.
 Footvolley Association of India: Footvolley Association of India is governing body of Footvolley in India. FVAI is developing Footvolley sports under the guidance by FIFV, the International Footvolley Federation . India is having coastline about 7500 km and most it consist of beautiful beaches this sports has more scope and soon it will become a popular sport in India. india is home of Footvolley. FVAI’s aim to develop Footvolley in India & to host National as well as International Competitions in India. Footvolley Association of India has been formed as per the direction of the International Footvolley Federation. FVAI is having North, South, East & West regional Committee working with 29 Member State Footvolley Association and 7 union territories are working for the development Footvolley sports in The Country.
Geography of India India 78.40398E 20.74980N.jpg Continent Asia Region South Asia Indian subcontinent Coordinates 21°N 78°E Area Ranked 7th • Total 3,287,264 km2 (1,269,220 sq mi) • Land 90.08% • Water 9.92% Coastline 7,516.6 km (4,670.6 mi) Borders Total land borders:[1] 15,106.70 km (9,386.87 mi) Bangladesh: 4,096.70 km (2,545.57 mi) China (PRC): 3,488 km (2,167 mi) Pakistan: 2,910 km (1,808 mi) Nepal: 1,751 km (1,088 mi) Burma: 1,643 km (1,021 mi) Bhutan: 699 km (434 mi) Highest point Kangchenjunga 8,598 m (28,208.7 ft) Lowest point Kuttanad −2.2 m (−7.2 ft) Longest river Ganges Brahmaputra[citation needed] Largest lake Chilka Lake